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Village Board Minutes December 7, 2010


With all the board members present the agenda was passed on a motion by Tim Kinnard and seconded by Kelly Pinchart.

Brad LeGreve was present to bring the board up to date on the 1st responder program. There are 28 people waiting to join. The start date will be January 1, 2011. Brad gave the board the break down of the cost and the names of people who are volunteers for the program.

The 1st responder program needs a 501c form for non profit to get donationís that are tax deductible. The cost will be $1000.00 for the 501c. They will accept donations but as of now they are not tax deductible.

Bruce informed the board about the televising of the sewers on Hwy 54 and that the tree roots were taken care of.

There is about 15-30 gals of water per minute per day going into the sewer lines behind the mini mart. Bruce does not know where the water is coming from. John Hanmann had water in his basement and it was from their lateral and because it comes from the lateral it is their cost to fix.

There are 6 firemen that need to bring their attendance up to be in the fire department and that should be handled by the fire department.

Matt Gunderson informed the board that the engineer has estimated the cost for the curb and gutter on Church Ave. should be about $25.00-$30.00 per foot without the cost of the engineers. When Church Ave. repairs are going to be done the final cost will be given to the property owners.

The minutes were approved except for the vacation for Bruce. Bruce did not request more vacation only the schedule of vacation for the full time employee. On a motion by Kelly Pinchart and seconded by Troy Alsteen the minutes were then passed.

The budget was reviewed and on a motion by Tim Kinnard and seconded by Dennis Cravillion the budget was approved. The total mill rate will be .019993067 before the credit.

Bruce talked to Matt Joski concerning our ordinance and the county enforcing them.

The vacation time line for full time employees was reviewed and it is

Start date-10 years2 weeks
10 years3 weeks
15 yearsadd 2 1/2 days
20 yearsadd 2 1/2 days

There is a maximum of 20 days and no more than 10 day can accumulated.

The right of way between Jimís Bar and Bowl and the building to the West is not owned by the Village.

The board needs to move forward on Hwy C project which includes road, sewer, curb and gutter. The engineer will be at the next meeting to discuss the problems.

A reminder to all residents that the Village owns 15 feet off the road so that is where the snow can be plowed.

The proposed owners of Skeeters Speed Stop are applying for a liquor license. The notice was posted in the Press Gazette and will be presented to the board at the January meeting or a special meeting if needed in December.

The nomination papers for the April election for 2 trustee and president positions are available at the Clerks office and must be returned to the office by January 4, 2011 at 5:00 pm

The bills were reviewed and no objections were made.

The next regular meeting will be January 11, 2011 at 7:00 pm.

On a motion by Kelly Pinchart and seconded by Troy Alsteen the meeting was adjourned

Village Board Minutes November 9, 2010


With all the board members present except Dennis Cravillion the agenda was approved on a motion by Tim Kinnard and seconded by Kelly Pinchart.

The Village residents are encouraged to go to the web site at www.cascowi.com

Bruce Depeau was present to up date the board on the Village and Sewer. Bruce will have Doug Detemple hook up the generator.

Hyland Ave was swept to take off the excess rocks from the road being resurfaced.

Bruce asked if he could have more vacation time. He gets two weeks now. The board will table this till they have the file from his hiring time to look at.

The new siren will be at the Sewer Plant.

During the wind storm part of the shingles came off the park shelter. The board will table this till further discussion as to what the damage is.

The board will be looking into having 6th st. redone from Church Ave to Village Lane. Bruce will get quotes on this project.

On a motion by Tim Kinnard and seconded by Troy Alsteen the truck will be painted by Scott Coating at $1403.00

Chris Delain would dig out at the Fire house and replace 12 feet by 2 feet deep for $350.00

The board would like to thank MOXIE DELEBREAU for allowing the Village to put chipping into the pit.

Matt will give Thad Majkowski from Foth Engineering the footage for Curb and Gutter on Church Ave. The board needs an estimate for this because Church Ave. will be black topped and road and sewer work done. After the estimate is given to us the process of meetings and cost for the residents will be started when the project goes out to be bid.

Bruce asked if Rob could get a raise since he is starting to take tests and schooling to run the sewer plant.

The minutes were read and on a motion by Kelly Pinchart and seconded by Troy Alsteen were approved.

The bill were also approved on motion by Troy Alsteen and seconded by Kelly Pinchart.

The meeting was adjourned on a motion by Kelly Pinchart and seconded by Tim Kinnard.

The next meeting will be December 7, 2010 at 6:00 PM.

Patricia Yagodinski Clerk Treasurer

Prior to this time we were not keeping track of board minutes online. If information before this time is needed, please contact the Village Clerk.

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