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Village Board Minutes September 12, 2017


Francis was not present, motion made by Tim and 2nd by Troy to approve agenda

  • Update on dog situation – dogs aren’t being seen
    • Concern for the children at Daycare and school
    • If someone is bit or hurt, that person MUST call the police for actions to be taken
  • George from Cedar Corp was present to talk about Phosphorous Compliance. The draft is due by September 30th. The present plan is due September 2018.
    • Working with Bruce on Phosphorous testing (Neenah)
    • Will be back at the end of the year for final plan
  • 195 foot monopole to be put up at Holy Trinity School
    • Father Suess signed the lease (50 years). Permit was faxed to Brett (Building Inspector)
    • It will be put up in the 1st quarter of next year or shortly after, built for Cellcom and other companies can tap into it
    • Wisconsin State statute 66.0404 allows them to put the tower up. They must follow “set back”, the Village can determine the design of the structure
  • The Village Board would like to thank the Casco Lions for the new batting cage and installing it
  • Updates from Bruce
    • the estimate is $2500 to clean storm sewer drains. There are 50 drains in the village. PLC will clean before winter
    • Dart’s towed the work truck back from Green Bay, hooked up the computer and brought it to Jorn’s in Kewaunee. We will be using Luxemburg’s garbage truck if not back in time. Chuck Heraly borrowed us his truck to pick up the remaining recyclables
    • 1st pump at sewer plant is running but no water (vacuum pump) $2941 (labor only) to rebuild, it takes 2 weeks
    • Furnace at sewer plant runs when its 55 degrees (door won’t close) SES Heating and Cooling said it’s going to be hard to fix since it is so old
    • October 10th at 9 am is the audit from the State, they want something in writing that we have a designated fire department
    • Fire Department needs a liquor license for the Milk Bottle Tournament
    • The Equipment Van was sold to a company in Algoma, but the old Pumper is still for sale
    • New Pumper still has lots of training sessions scheduled before it can be put in service
  • The bills were presented and a motion was made by Troy and 2nd by Tim for approval.
  • Last month’s minutes were approved; a motion was made by Tim and 2nd by Dennis
  • All dwellings in the subdivision must be site constructed and all houses must have a basement
  • Troy made a motion and Dennis 2nd to accept NE Asphalt LRIP bid


A motion was made by Dennis and 2nd by Troy to adjourn the meeting at 10:30 pm

Tammy Skarban – Village Clerk & Treasurer

Village Board Minutes August 8, 2017


The Clerk was not present, Pat took notes…motion made by Dennis and 2nd by Francis to approve agenda.

  • Brad Adams discussed the problem with his neighbors (rental). Tim Kinnard read part of the Ordinance; we need someone appointed to enforce them. Quintanna’s dog is running at large and unlicensed vehicles in the yard. The Board will contact Jay Mastalir to see if he would be interested in enforcing the ordinances. We will keep Brad informed. (There is a fine of $50/day and 1% interest if not paid)
  • Cedar Corp Representative present to talk about Phosphorous Compliance. The present plan is due September 2018. Tim asked who will do the testing from the samples that Bruce gets. Permit cycle is 5 years. The recommendations are in the report; .075 is the final number for us to be at. There are 8 options for our plant to ty to get to the amount of Phosphorous in compliance. Final report 2018; Final plans 2020; Final Compliance 2023. Next month a final report will be given. Any comments for Cedar should be forwarded to Bruce.
  • A copy of Village information for “disasters” is at the Village Hall in the kitchen
  • Opicka’s Tournament paid for a new sound system for the Lions stand at the Village Park. The Village would like to thank them for their contribution.
  • The lawn mower for the Village is 14 years old and the Board would like to keep it through the winter then decide what to do.
  • The new Pumper will be here on Thursday, August 10. It will be stored at Myron Abts’ storage garage until it is in service. We will pay $100/month to store it there.
  • The County will “mill” Hwy 54 after Labor Day.
  • The bills were presented and a motion was made by Tim and 2nd by Francis for approval.
  • Last month’s minutes were approved; a motion was made by Troy and 2nd by Dennis


A motion was made by Tim and 2nd by Francis to close the meeting.

**Casco Fire Milk Bottle Tournament is Saturday, October 7th

**St. Joseph Parish (Champion) is having Electronic Recycling 8am-12pm on October 7

Village Board Minutes July 11, 2017


All present

Tim made a motion to adopt agenda, Troy second

  • The Village Office has now been moved to 311 Church Ave. A box is in the driveway for sewer payments.
  • Rob and Angie Frea 413 Church Ave have a property dispute with neighbors. Brian Peot surveyed the property to verify lines. They want neighbors to remove items off of their property. They were told to ask neighbor to look at their deed. Fence can be put up but should contact Brett Guilette 495-3232.
  • Brad Adams 612 Church Ave has neighbor nuisance complaint. Neighbor has unlicensed dog/puppies running around. There is feces/bad smell/flies, and unregistered vehicles in back yard. Dog is running with son on a dirt bike on private property by School, Church and Day Care. Letter will be sent to owner addressing these issues (sent 7/12/17)
  • Mark from Frank’s Feed wants to put in a new scale across from the Fire Station Parking lot along side their building. The scale needs to be 11’ width 18” high with no pit. Does he need a variance? The scale needs to be 12’ away from building. Brett has already been contacted. There will be no change, the trucks would be parked over it at night just as they are every night.
  • Brian Peot verified the lot and half to be purchased in the subdivision at 122 Cortland Ave.
  • Bruce needs a new battery (car battery) for sewer plant – he will get new one
  • Village lawn mower has an oil leak…it is 14 years old
  • Lemens Water Care came to do a maintenance check on both water softners.
  • New Pumper will be here the 1st week of August and need someplace to park it.
  • Can the Village rent a unit at Pagels garage by scale?
  • Thursday Bruce will be meeting with someone to discuss “wrapping” the new utility truck
  • The old pumper will be brought to Red Plover Diesel for a maintenance check-up after everyone is trained on how to use the new one. The cost will be a minimum of $2500. The last time serviced was 17 years ago
  • Wisconsin Online Surplus will be contacted to sell old equipment van and old pumper
  • Eagle Scouts will be fixing the round picnic tables at the Village Park. We need someone to fix (repaint) the Village signs on both ends of Hwy 54
  • The county is going to “mill-off” Hwy 54 sometime this summer (possibly)
  • The black top bid must be posted in the local paper for 2 consecutive weeks
  • Tim made a motion to approve the bills for village and sewer as presented, Francis 2nd it
  • Dennis made a motion to approve last months minutes, Francis 2nd it
  • Next meeting is scheduled for August 8, 2017 at 7 pm Village Hall on 1st Street entrance

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm – motion made by Francis, 2nd by Dennis

Tammy Skarban – Village Clerk Treasurer

Village Board Minutes June 20, 2017


All present – Dennis and Francis late

Copy of agenda, motion made by Tim and 2nd by Troy to accept

Bruce: resolution 2017-1 CMAR Troy made a motion, Tim 2nd

Bruce was sworn in as Fire Chief – also has been selected at “Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year”

Televise sewer – do we need to hire someone? Bruce will get estimates from PLC and the street cleaner

Need new locks at the park for all 3 doors (bathrooms and supply room)

Opicka tournament; the amplifier quit so they used the A’s. Lemens brought out a new on and the Opicka fund to possibly donate.

Recycle trailer is back but needs to be fixed by the back tire. Luxemburg let us use their trailer at no cost

Tornado warning siren goes off for 3 minutes then an all clear siren will sound again for 3 minutes. We have 3 shellters in Casco: BMO basement, the fire station and the Middle School. All shelters will be open any time bad weather prompts the sirens.

Profit from the Fire Department Cookout was because 100% donations from: BMO and BMO employees, Ron’s Cheese/Pagel Ponderosa, Village Kitchen, Baudhuin Farms and Donna Ledvina.

The old Pumper needs a tune up when the new Fire Truck arrives; estimated cost $2500-$3000. July 17th the truck arrived in Appleton and will be here for the Casco Parade in August.

Travis Kinnard will be the summer helper for Bruce until the last week in August.

$315 bill from the county was for rolling the ball fields. ½ goes to the Lions

Eagle Scouts are looking for a project (structural). Troy will contact them with info

Troy made a motion to accept the bills and Tim 2nd.

The Board reviewed the appointment of Tammy Skarban as the Clerk/Treasurer after the retirement of Pat Yagodinski

Need part-time helper for Bruce starting in fall as a permanent part-time employee.

The Village Clerk office will be moving on July 6th after 5 p.m. (internet/phone switching that day). Pat will be going hourly to assist.

A plant was sent to Bruce as congratulations on his award.

6 liquor licenses were approved by Tim and 2nd by Troy

Last months minutes approval motion was made by Francis and 2nd by Dennis

Black topping to be done in subdivision LRIP grant, motion was made by Troy, 2nd by Tim to get as much done at one time.

Next meeting, July 11 at 7 PM. Adjourn at 9:30 PM on motion by Francis 2nd by Tim

Tammy Skarban – Clerk / Treasurer

Village Board Minutes May 9, 2017


Village Board Minutes April 11, 2017


7:03pm – all present except Tim

Elected officials were sworn in

Motion was made to adopt the agenda as written

Lisa and Chad Cochart

  • Driveway at daycare is sinking; is that village responsibility? There is no sewer main in front of it; it goes with Village Kitchen and Bank of Luxemburg. (might have to get it televised)
  • Website: change daycare name and add their web page
  • Bruce got estimates from Badger

    • Mud jacking
    • Crack fill parking lanes $750 (County)
    • Replace insulation under bridge $2500 (County) (motion by Troy, 2nd Dennis)
    • Bugs in building
    • Street sweeper $700 - $1100 Reliable sweep (Bruce will schedule)
    • Good Friday is recycling (how does Bruce get pd)
    • Pat Zellner will work full days on Thursdays and Fridays starting next week
    • Phosphorous testing needs to wait 8 minutes to read (new mix method)
    • Rural Water Association helps (Plover)
    • LED light by fill site needs a new pole we can get 1 for free but someone needs to bury the pole
      • $202 for parts from Massart + $125 for labor
      • 2% Audit
    • Bruce was never sworn in as Fire Chief – does he need to and who does it
    • ISO audit for fire department – could take 6 months if anything changes
    • Need to increase insurance on fire trucks

    Bills: Motion made by Troy 2nd by Francis to approve bills

    • LCMS will be paid through June and refunded overpayment

    Minutes from last month:

    • Get Information from Davister-Whipp on their poles: Musco 800-825-6030
    • Change spelling of Opicka
    • Change minutes at Post Office, banks and mini mart
    • Motion made and accepted for minutes

    New Business

    • 2 inquiries about sub division
    • New York couple wants 1 ½ lots
    • One person wanted to put a modular home (not allowed)
    • Daycare curb and gutter and road in front of driveway
    • $259 to fix – motion made to fix it by Troy 2nd by Francis

    Brett Guilette – Building Inspector wants all the ordinances to be the same for setbacks, driveways and pitches – get copy of covenant to Dave (attorney) along with ordinances.

    • Discuss 4th street repair.

    Francis made a motion to adjourn and Dennis 2nd it. Next meeting: May 9, 2017 – Tammy Skarban

    Village Board Minutes March 14, 2017


    All present (Dennis at 7:10pm)

    Tim made a motion to approve agenda, Troy second

    Chuck Heraly and Mark Jandrain were present for Lions baseball

    • Opicka tournament June 1-4
    • Grand slam tournament June 8-11
    • Legion tournament June 15-18
    • Lions Tournament August 18-20
    • A’s Tournament August 24-27

    Lights at the Park – nothing thru the county: WPS would install but rent is monthly (?)

    The Lions would like to go to local farmers and others to help pay for the lights along with charging the village.

    • *Bruce will call WPS to find out cost and see if that is even months not in use
    • *Tim is going to check with Algoma Public Utilities – Pete
    • *Tim will also check with the school to see if they can help with expenses
    • *Tammy will check with Davister-Whipp to see who installed their lights on their diamond

    Diamond Dry pallet was ordered (Lions will be charged if it rains)


    • County is going to crack fill C through village but not parking lanes – will get estimate for that
    • Dr appointment released to full duty
    • Sewer lines under bridge needs to get rewrapped
    • Equipment van replacement: Luxemburg Rescue Squad won’t work. Kewaunee rescue will $4000 was offered (2001 in good condition; back tires need replacing).
    • April 11 Insurance is coming for updates at 1 pm
    • Report is per day for phosphorus – down to .075 (test results) we are at 4.4 Chris is coming April 5 to see if he can help with sample testing
    • Jason Rollins – J+D Services charges $90/hour for snow removal – County charged $248 to clean parking lanes last storm

    Fire Department charges $125/hour for nonvillage or nontax payer for equipment use

    • *New truck should arrive at Pierce in April, here in August

    Bills to be paid – motion by Tim to pay all bills, second by Troy

    Minutes approved with corrections – motion by Francis, second by Dennis.

    $844 was paid to Brown County Library for books in 2016. Anyone in the Luxemburg-Casco school district is able to use the Middle School Library Monday – Thursday from 3:15 to 5: 15 pm

    Board of Review is May 9, 2017 from 7-9 pm

    Open Book is Saturday, April 22 from 1-3 at Village hall

    New Business:

    • Only stick built dwellings on lots, or constructed on the site
    • Letters sent out to clean up yard and for unlicensed vehicles across from the church
    • Letter was also sent to people still burning garbage in village
    • Fill site needs to be fixed (blacktop)
    • Add the calendar to the website

    Next meeting April 11

    Motion made by Dennis to adjourn the meeting at 9 pm – Francis to second it.

    Patricia Yagodinski / Tammy Skarban

    Clerk / Treasurer

    Village Board Minutes February 4, 2017


    With all the board members present Kelly Pinchart the president opened the meeting. The agenda was approved on a motion by Tim Kinnard and seconded by Troy Alsteen

    A new attorney David Depeau was present to answer any question the board has for him to become the Village Attorney. He grew up in New Franken after he worked in Milwaukee. He was a police officer in Milwaukee and then he went on to school to become an attorney. Ellen Rossman will give the Village information that she has to David since she is going to move out of the Village.

    Bruce is having problems with the blowers at the Sewer Plant and will have them fixed as soon as possible.

    There are a few people who donated their time and material Rob Baidhuin, Pat Zellner, Kelly Hunsaider, Jay Skarban, Wiesner Massart, Dan Laak

    Bruce went to the doctor and got his weight restrictions lifted.

    Bruce will get a few new Christmas decorations since they were in the budget.

    Jason Rollins helped cleaned the roads last month. J&D Service was $180.00

    Casco Fire department will be looking at replacing the equipment van and Luxemburg rescue has a van for sale so the Casco Fire Department will be looking at it.

    The Village hall will be used Monday Tuesday and Thursday during March . The hall will be used for classes.

    The dogs in the Village will need to be licensed . Any dogs not licensed will be turned over to the District Attorney’s office.

    The Legion would like a drop off in the front of the Village Hall for anyone that wants to dispose of a flag.

    The Village has checked with a company to replace the light poles at the park and a quote of $200,000.00 for metal poles. Bruce will check on a price for wood poles.

    WPS will change 10 light poles on Main street. They have to be 20 years old.

    There will be a tax increase next year because of the Power plant closure.

    The Village credit card will be broken down so the Board knows what is paid on the bill.

    On a motion by Tim Kinnard and seconded by Troy Alsteen the bills will be paid

    Anyone wanting to build a house on 2 lots can do that.

    The next meeting will be March 14 at 7:00 pm

    On a motion by Francis Gilson and seconded by Dennis Cravillion the meeting was adjourned.

    Patricia Yagodinski

    Clerk Treasurer

    Village Board Minutes January 2017


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